Set-up & deploy 360-Degree Surveys in minutes

Upload your questionnaire, upload participant & respondent information, & configure advanced settings – all in minutes



Configure questionnaires easily, with your own competencies and statements



Use smart settings to ensure your Survey matches the context and stakeholder expectations



Send invitation email with personalized links to 100s of respondents at the click of a button

Seamless interface accessible anytime, anywhere

Seamless interface

All in one place

Surveys for all stakeholders on a single page

Mobile optimized

Complete surveys on laptops, tablets or phones

Tailored messaging

Provide tailored orientation info for each audience

Configure your own questionnaire with ease

Configure multiple questionnaire packages with different settings as per your need

Customized page structure​

Customized page structure

Create a custom page structure; all questions on one page, divide it by competency or jumble it up – its all up to you.

Add your competencies​

Add your competencies

Upload your own competency framework, use the same one for multiple projects or upload multiple with varied frameworks.

Configure your statements​

Configure your statements

Add Likert scale questions or subjective questions to your survey; configured based on your content design.

Define your scale​

Define your scale

Define your own scale with customizable display names & scoring; configure reverse scored for complex questionnaires.

Advanced settings​

Advanced settings

A variety of settings to meet your needs; make questionnaires mandatory or optional, configure relationship categories for each group & much more.

Configure report​

Multiple report templates to choose from. Configure the report title, add your logos & instructions, & configure various sections of the report. 

Implementing 360-Degree Feedback Surveys

360 Feedback Surveys can be a very powerful tool to get detailed and well-rounded inputs from an employee’s seniors, peers, juniors and external stakeholders.

These inputs can be about the employee’s skills and performance or other aspects like competencies and values. 360 Feedback Surveys are trusted by organizations across the world as an effective tool for facilitating employee performance and development.

360-degree feedback

Reduce your workload through smart automation

A strong suite of features to reduce your operational workload and streamline the survey management process

Add or Delete Respondents
Add or Delete Respondents

Add or delete respondents easily even after go-live

Delegate Respondent Nomination
Delegate Respondent Nomination

Upload respondents yourself or assign it to feedback seekers

Track Completion
Track Completion

Real-time progress update on a single dashboard, with instant CSVs downloadable trackers

Automate Reminders
Automate Reminders

Let the system sent reminders at regular intervals or sent them yourself manually

Manage Deadlines
Manage Deadlines

Set visible target dates for survey close, extend dates anytime if participants need more time

Manage Respondent Anonymity
Manage Respondent Anonymity

Default – anonymized reporting. Manage confidentiality by relationship with advanced features

Download a comprehensive report with one click

Fast & actionable, easy to interpret detailed report

  • Competency wise overview showing self vs average of others scores
  • Detailed scores for each competency, by statements & each relationship category
  • Highlight potential strength & development areas with a full gap analysis section
360 Report Download

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