Deliver engaging and mobile responsive learning experiences by bringing together different content formats – videos, documents and assessments.

A corporate professional looking at her laptop completing her first time manager program by going through the modules

Design richer learning experiences

Improve engagement & effectiveness by bringing together different content formats

  • Videos: Upload your own videos through Vimeo/H5P or leverage videos on YouTube/TEDx
  • Documents: Upload ready documents or create inputs from scratch. Allow participants to download documents where required
  • Assessments: From simple quizzes to graded assignments, build assessments to allow participants to check understanding or practice key skills
Completing his course assignment like quizzes

Leverage automation to improve your productivity

Comprehensive suite of smart features to reduce your operational load in creating, publishing & administering learning courses

Reduce administration effort
Intuitive Set-up

Upload & Publish a Course
in 2 minutes

High Re-usability
High Re-usability

Re-use the same course for multiple groups

Control Access Methods
Control Access Methods

Publish course as stand-alone or embed it inside a Journey

Simplified Content Update
Simplified Content Update

Made a mistake? Update courses even after publishing

Assessment Exercises By Elemetrik
Easy Assignment handling

Easily view, score and share feedback on participant submissions

Easily track participant Progress
Easily track participant Progress

Leverage Dashboard & Reports to monitor participant progress

Nudge appropriate Learner Behaviors

Control how participants access & consume your content by using advanced controls

Illustration of Courses showing accesibility to use in different devices

Fast-forwarding videos

Skipping Chapters

Graded or non-graded assignments

Improving Accessibility

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