Turkey-based Consulting firm goes digital with Elemetrik

Our client, a leading Turkey-based Consulting firm provides learning & assessment solutions to corporations across Turkey.

Starting with Assessment services, this firm today uses the Elemetrik platform to deliver its entire portfolio of learning & assessment services.

From delivering all their assessment centers physically in 2019, the firm has delivered 3000+ assessments virtually in 2022 using the Elemetrik platform.

Consulting firms struggle going digital due to constraints of current platforms

Loss of Business: Not being able to offer a broader portfolio of solutions leads to loss of potential business opportunities

Loss of Productivity: Team members struggle with Program administration or in involving network of external associates

Loss of Client Buy-in: Teams struggle to get client buy-in by not meeting UX expectations or InfoSec or other pre-contracting steps

Misaligned Cost Structure: Revenues typically are aligned to solution design or components and this misalignment impacts cost planning & long-term business development requirements

Elemetrik is designed to help consulting firms go digital

Expand your business by offering a wider range of solutions

Impress your clients with a corporate ready platform

Make your entire team more productive with smarter program management capabilities

Scale your business without worrying about tech costs

Transform all aspects of your Consulting business with Elemetrik

Solution Portfolio​

Solution Portfolio

Strengthen your ability to engage and acquire clients by offering a wider and deeper set of solutions and your ability to deliver at scale.

User Experience​

User Experience

Provide your clients and participants with engaging experiences accessible anywhere, anytime. Tightly integrate assessments and learning experiences together

Project Management​

Project Management

Improve productivity and profitability through smart automation. Deliver your projects in a seamless and collaborative manner

Content & Data Management​

Content & Data Management

Get visibility and control over exercises and participant data. Improve ability to re-use content across Projects and clients

Impress your clients with a corporate ready platform

  • Configure your branding to make it look like your own
  • Modern engaging interface for participants
  • Best-in-class information security
  • Integrate with any HRMS or LMS

Make your entire team more productive

with smarter Program Management capabilities

Upload content without any hassle

Set up a new program in minutes

Reduce your operational workload

Tailor communication templates

Run multiple programs simultaneously

Generate user reports with a click

Enable automated reminders

Track completion realtime

Download analytics trackers

Scale your business without worrying about tech costs

Starting your digital journey can be like stepping into the
unknown. Our usage-based pricing structure ensures your
technology costs are one thing that you don’t need to
worry about.

We understand that you derive the value from our Platform not
when you enrol users to the Platform but when you assign and get
them to complete tasks and activities

Clearly outlined and stable pricing to ensure that there are no
hidden costs or other surprises for you from a commercial

From onboarding support to on-tap specialist advice to 24X7 technical support, we stand with you at each step to smoothen your
digital journey

Go digital with your Assessment & Learning Solutions


Why Go Digital with Assessment Centres?

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