How Tata Power
Identified HIPO Employees
Using Assessment Centres

Company: A Leading Power & Infra Company

Module Used: Assessments


This is the story of one of India’s largest integrated power companies, which provides sustainable energy solutions and has diverse operations in power generation, transmission, and distribution. As a leading player in the energy sector, one of its key talent processes focuses on identifying and developing high-potential employees at various levels.

The organization used to partner with educational institutions to develop a select few high-potential employees identified through a traditional assessment centre process. This program used trained internal and external assessors to manually create competency profiles for participants.

Challenges Faced

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Scalability: The organization experienced significant growth over the last seven years, expanding its workforce from around 7,000 to over 25,000 employees. This rapid growth made traditional talent assessment methods ineffective, requiring a solution that could handle six to ten times more people.

Track registrations

Engagement and Modernization: The organization realized their assessment methods were outdated and didn’t engage participants well. They wanted a modern digital platform to make the process more engaging and seamless while maintaining its rigor.

Digital Transformation Journey

Platform Setup

High-Volume Virtual Delivery

Modern Engaging Interface

Real-time Program Analytics

and Support

Elemetrik’s intuitive platform enabled the team to manage the entire process independently with minimal deployment support. It supported a fully virtual, engaging assessment process, scaling from 60 to over 500 employees annually.

Customized page structure​

Streamlined Platform Setup

The platform enabled the organization to:

  • Seamlessly configure their design framework
  • Set up a custom competency framework and exercise matrix
  • Upload their internal exercise content
  • Customize instructions, orientation materials, and assessor guides
Elemetrik 360-degree Deploy.png

Modern Engaging Interface

The platform offered a modern & engaging interface:

  • Intuitive design ensured easy navigation by participants, assessors, and program admins
  • Centralized access to all exercises from a single master panel
  • Complete virtual AC experience, from orientation to report sharing
Easily track participant Progress

Real-time Program Analytics

Elemetrik offered detailed program analytics with real-time completion tracking, allowing the monitoring of participants’ progress through overall assessment centers and each exercise via real-time dashboards and trackers.

Training & Support

The Elemetrik team provided training & support, enabling the Client HR team to manage the assessment process independently. They offered 24×7 email support, onboarding assistance & extensive training materials/documentation.


The implementation process involved a two-stage assessment approach:

Stage 1

Over 500 participants underwent the initial assessment. Based on performance, about 150 participants were selected for the second stage.

Stage 2

Internal assessors worked with the selected 150 participants across various exercises, identifying 70-80 high-potential employees based on their overall performance.


With Elemetrik’s support, the client rapidly expanded their high-potential employee program, significantly increasing participant numbers and fostering inclusivity. The participants felt valued and motivated by the renewed digital approach. Elemetrik’s robust features empowered the HR team to streamline the assessment process, boosting efficiency and accuracy.


The number of employees covered annually increased from 60+ to over 500, an 8x growth.


The identification of high-potential employees rose from 10+ to over 80 annually, an 8x increase.


Participant feedback rating improved to 4.7 out of 5, indicating a significantly better experience.

By leveraging the Elemetrik platform, the organization successfully scaled its HiPot identification process, enabling efficient identification and development of future leaders—a key factor contributing to their continued growth and success in the power industry.

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