Leading Airport Infrastructure Management Company Leverages Elemetrik for Next-Gen 360 Feedback

Company: A HR Management Company

Module Used: Survey + Assessments


One of our clients is a leading airport infrastructure management company with strong footholds in airports, energy, highways, and urban infrastructure development across India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The group oversees nine entities under its umbrella. Given their size and complexity, they understand that an organization is only as strong as its talent. Therefore, they rely on 360-degree feedback as an integral part of talent review and leadership development activities.

Traditionally, the HR team had to hire additional resources to manage the entire feedback process. This involved sending out emails with Excel files to each respondent, following up for responses, collecting and compiling the data, and analyzing it. The team also had to prepare individual and group reports for detailed analysis. Managing the multilayered operational aspects of this process was highly resource-intensive and relied heavily on Excel spreadsheets, leading to inefficiencies and delays.

The organization recognized the need to embrace platform-based feedback with smart automation to understand its people better and ensure its leaders evolve with the times. This approach streamlines the process and enhances efficiency, driving continuous improvement within the organization.

Challenges Involved

Manual Effort

The HR team had to hire additional resources to manually manage the process, including sending emails, following up, and collecting and compiling Excel responses.

Control Access Methods

Inflexible TAT

The process led to delays in report creation and sharing, making it difficult to quickly roll out 360 feedback initiatives and slowing down the overall talent review cycle, resulting in increased SLA times.

Project Managers

HR Apprehensions

The HR team was hesitant to adopt vendor services due to uncertainty about implementation success and unfamiliarity with the process.

Implementation Phases

To address these issues, the organization partnered with Elemetrik to streamline their 360-degree feedback process for talent review. This process focuses on participants identifying and building their strengths while capturing their development areas. Here’s a snippet of their implementation journey:

Initial Onboarding

Elemetrik facilitated a smooth onboarding for the client HR team, enabling quick adaptation to the new platform.

This support allowed the HR team to focus on core responsibilities while ensuring accurate data collection and analysis.

Self-Service Mode

They soon transitioned to a complete self-service mode with a standardized questionnaire across all 360 feedback surveys.

It’s a plug-and-play experience now, with significantly reduced operational overhead and increased efficiency.

Enhanced Autonomy

The non-HR teams, especially functional managers, embraced the new platform for its ease of use and efficiency. Previously, Group HR and functional teams managed 360 feedback surveys separately, but now they can independently self-upload, roll out, and manage the process.


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The client organization’s transition to a self-managed 360-degree feedback platform has significantly streamlined their processes, empowered teams, and minimized operational complexities.
Previously, the feedback process was limited to a few individuals at a time, but with Elemetrik, it can now be run in parallel for multiple entities and purposes.

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