Enabling a Leading HR Advisory Company to Transition from Pen & Paper to Digital Assessments

Company: A HR Management Company

Module Used: Survey + Assessments


This is the story of one of India’s leading HR advisory companies, which provides expert guidance and solutions to organizations on human resource strategies, including talent management, organizational development, and employee performance.

SHRM East Pvt Ltd, the advisory wing of SHRM in India, specializes in conducting leadership programs for various Indian Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs). These programs follow a structured sequence: pre-work, workshops, and post-assessment. Traditionally, assessments were conducted using pen and paper, making them extremely effort-intensive. This often extended the program delivery time and required more effort to analyze pre and post-assessment effectiveness.

Challenges Faced

The manual process of administering assessments using pen and paper presented several challenges:

Increased Turnaround Time

Manual assessments resulted in longer program completion times due to slower processing and evaluation.

Logistical Challenges

Participants needed to be physically present at a single location for assessments, making coordination time-consuming and difficult.

Time Management

The requirement to allocate extra time for pre-work and post-assessment often affected completion rates.

Resource Constraint

A dedicated person was needed to manage the entire process, preventing parallel programs and causing resource constraints.

Virtual Assessments

  • Remote Participation
    The platform enabled them to roll out pre-work & post-program assessments remotely, removing the need for physical presence.
  • Flexible Timing
    Participants could complete their assessments at their convenience, both before and after the workshop.

Operational Efficiency

  • Reduced Workload
    The platform eliminated the need for paper-based methods, reducing operational workload.
  • Seamless Administration
    Elemetrik facilitated smooth test administration, streamlined data collection, and effective management of the entire assessment process.


The Elemetrik platform modernized SHRM India’s assessment process, making it more efficient,
flexible, and aligned with the organization’s goals.

With no need to dedicate extra resources, the program manager could handle the entire process individually, achieving a 100% completion rate. They gained remote capabilities, faster turnarounds, and streamlined administration and data processes. This not only reduced delays but also enhanced the effectiveness of their leadership programs, enabling them to run more parallel programs without resource constraints.

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