How a Consulting Firm rapidly expanded its Assessm...

This is the story of a Consulting firm based in Europe and how it was able to use digital technologies to expand its assessment practice.

Improving the design of your behavioral Learning P...

Designing an engaging virtual program may require you to think beyond your current LMS templates & design approaches to adopt a wider canvas. Here are some ideas on how to make the design of your virtual programs more engaging and

Orienting Participants effectively for Virtual DCs

While virtual & physical DCs can have similar frameworks, the way participants experience each is very different. Here is how you can ensure that participants are properly engaged and are able to deliver their best performance across exercises in a

Delivering Large Scale Assessment Center for an In...

A lockdown. A client project on cusp of delivery. A determined set of people. This is the story of how a determined team at one of our Consultant Partner in India faced a unique challenge in March 2020.

5 Reasons to go Digital with your Assessment Pract...

Delivering your assessment or development centres the traditional way? Here are 5 reasons why you should seriously consider moving to a virtual delivery model.

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